Do It Yourshelf



Kevin's drawn plans for new shelving
Kevin’s drawn plans for new shelving


Right: Kevin & his friend who helped create the shelves. Left: Kevin seeing his sketches come to life

Our ABC Boutique is one of our most coveted spaces. We like to treat this space like a velvet oasis, and recently we’ve given our shop a bit of a makeover. When the elevator doors open onto the third floor, you will be hynotized by our radiating velvets. Our salesperson, Sue, exudes the eclectic and energetic nature of our work to a T. It’s always a fun surprise to see what colors and patterns she combines to adorn our beds.


Beds copy
Beds in our ABC Boutique. We are constantly refreshing these with new products!


As a former architect, Kevin is constantly thinking of new ideas to improve spatial relationships, continuously influencing his surroundings. Kevin worked closely with his carpenter friend in upstate NY to create a honeycomb-inspired design to display our products in the boutique.


shelves&kids copy
The shelves being built


Shelves-before&after copy
The installation in our boutique at ABC Carpet and Home



Fully installed and filled with plush, colorful product!
Fully installed and filled with plush, colorful product!

Come see for yourself and indulge in all of your velvet fantasies!