How many Kevins can you spot?
How many Kevins can you spot?

It’s been a crazy few weeks here at KOBS! We even had to make clones of Kevin to cope (see above image).  We’re just settling into our orders from NYNOW as we begin our busiest season, and we wanted to share a bit of the behind the scenes with you. When it comes to trade shows, we pack up about 200 of our prettiest plush pillows and put them on display for buyers and designers alike.

This year we introduced a lot of new products including three new colorways, new metallic designs, and new cotton velvet designs as well as our new scarves. We were thrilled to have our best show to date! Here’s a bit of our process  from start to finish:


From our studio to the Javits Center!


The Javits!
The Javits!


Oh look how far we've come!
Oh look how far we’ve come!


As you can see, there is a lot that goes into making our velvets look good. We hope that you enjoy seeing them as much as we enjoy showing them! Stay tuned for our best sellers coming to you next week.


“See ya’ll in High Point!” – Kevin