How we do it

Our furry friends are the result of a magical collaboration between between textile designer Kevin O'Brien, and a plush animal designer in New Jersey. Each of these unique creatures comes to life through the use of recycled materials, including woven jacquard patterns, printed cotton velvets, silk velvets, printed linens, and antique buttons for eyes.

Please Note: Due to the button eyes, these animals are recommended for children ages 3 and over. We offer a second option for children under 3, with embroidered eyes (no buttons). For this option, please specify "no buttons" when ordering.
Since they are one-of-a-kind, materials will vary. If you have a color preference, please let us know when you order. Sizes will also vary slightly. There are no refunds (exchange only).

Ordering: To place an order, please . We can also be contacted via fax: (215) 923-6374 or phone: (215) 923-6378. Please include your contact information, plus payment information (credit card number, expiration date, security code, bill to and ship to address)

stuffed Animals
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Piglet: (11 x 6 ") $128 each (retail) New!
Bunny : (10 x 5") $128 each (retail)
Elephant : (12 x 6") $128 each (retail)
Owl : (11 x 5") $128 each (retail)
Turtle : (9 x 9") $128 each (retail)
Duck : (11 x 5.5") $128 each (retail)
Squirrel : (10 x 9") $128 each (retail)